HoloLens Spectator View Mount (POM Bracket)

HoloLens Spectator View Mount (POM Bracket)

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HoloLens Spectator View Mount, made from Polyoxymethylene(POM). Order to build. 2 weeks to ship. Anywhere in the world.  

Bracket, Bolts, Mount are included. If we still have hotshoe adapter available we may send it to you as a gift, but that depends:)

POM is a kind of synthetic polymer which provides high strength and hardness. It's much lighter than aluminum(about 330 grams vs 6xx grams), but the cost is nearly doubled. You should only consider to use POM bracket if you need to handle your camera & HoloLens with Steadicam/Gimbals. 

DO NOT buy this if you are not using it for free camera movement. Since this is strictly order to build, the shipping date would be at least 5 business days after you place the order. To achieve stable Mixed Reality capture, we strongly recommend you to use it with our DataMesh Live! server toolkit.