HoloLens Spectator View Mount (Aluminum Bracket)

HoloLens Spectator View Mount (Aluminum Bracket)

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HoloLens Spectator View Mount, order to build, fully machined in aluminum. 2 weeks to ship. Anywhere in the world.  

These are the same ones used by Microsoft China. 

Bracket, Bolts, Mount are included. If we still have hotshoe adapter available we may send it to you as a gift, but that depends:)

A few notes: 

1. It is not necessary to use this mount to achieve stable stationary mixed reality capture using Microsoft's open source Spectator View code. You can use cheap 3d printed ones, or even just cardboard. 

However, if you want to move your camera during recording or broadcasting,  you need a mount as strong as this one. Even a little bit shifting between your camera and HoloLens can ruin your result. 

2. As stated in the github project, currently (as of Apr 2017) the open source spectator view code should not be used in a moving camera rig - network stack is not mature, and the H264 encoder may cause video/audio tearing in high I/O situation. You can try our DataMesh Live! instead.

3. You may have DataMesh logo on the bracket. Depending on the batch, color may be different. 

4. Aluminum is heavy, our setup (Sony A6500+16-50 Lens+HoloLens+Mount) weighs about 2.2KG - so if you want to add a stabilizer system, take that into consideration. You can also choose our POM bracket as an alternative.